My Neighbor’s Incest part III

My Neighbor’s Incest part III

[dropcap color=”” boxed=”no” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]S[/dropcap]usan seemed to be considering my last statement as her shorts fell to her ankles and she stepped out of them. My hand was still firmly planted on her bald mound while I kissed her ear and neck. Susan took a wider stance and placed her hand on top of mine. I had my middle finger placed directly over her wet groove, with a finger on each puffy flap of skin on each side. I had never imagined it would feel so soft, or wet, and especially, so hot. I had seen pictures, even seen my neighbor’s spread wide open from a distance, but touching a pussy was totally outside my realm of comprehension. I didn’t even know what to do now that I was touching the most private part of a girl.

While Susan slowly pushed her hips forward, she applied more pressure to my middle finger with hers, and like the gooey center of a candy, her smooth skin separated and my finger slipped inside her fleshy lips. They surrounded my finger in a hot, slippery canal, it felt like nothing I had felt before. I was almost terrified at first, but her soft moan of pleasure let me know that I hadn’t hurt anything.

I could feel a hard bump on my finger just at the front of the channel and a deeper, wetter place at the tip of my finger. I knew there was a hole somewhere, and you were supposed to stick something into it, but I didn’t know where. I relaxed as Susan rotated her pussy slowly against my fingers, they slid easily over her wet flesh, which grew wetter with each forward motion of her hips.

I was rolling her tit point between my fingers while my other hand enjoyed the wonders of her private area. As her body rocked forward and back, my erect cock slid up and down against the soft skin just at the top of her ass crack. It was hard to believe at that moment that I had formed a plot to have sex with her sister, when I couldn’t even properly finger a pussy that was being thrust against my hand.

Susan’s speed and upward thrusting motion increased as did her moaning. While she held my hand tightly against her grinding pussy, I kissed her sweat covered neck and humped the curve in her back. All three of my fingers were soaked, Susan’s puffy cunt lips were spread far enough apart now to allow two fingers to glide through her hot mysterious groove. Even though I thought I should probably be doing something more, I only wanted to enjoy all the new sensations I was experiencing. I had my first actual pussy in hand, my cock was being thrust against the back of a naked girl, and I was hearing her groan with excitement while she pleasured herself on my hand.

With a sudden whimper and hard squeeze of my hand, Susan’s legs went stiff. She shuddered and closed her legs tight on my hand, then released them and an excessive amount of fluid flooded my hand. I thought she pissed at first, but it felt too thick. Then, she squeezed tight again and groaned, “I came, I came really hard.” During the thrashing, my middle finger tip had turned the corner, it had entered a very tight place. I wasn’t sure, but I was thinking I had my finger in her pussy hole.


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Additionally, I know I over used ass, cunt, pussy, etc.. Remember, this is written from a thirteen year old boy’s perspective, he’s not very creative. 

After a minute of holding on tight, we both let go and took a deep breath. Sweat covered both of us, not just from the heated sexual excitement, but the heat in the attic had grown overwhelming. Susan pulled up her shorts and said, “let’s get out of here, I’m burning up.” I agreed, and we headed out.

We sat in front of my fan and cooled off while I listened to Susan explain. It turned out that not only did her family go to the nude beach, and a nudist community in California, but on top of that, her parents were “swingers”. I didn’t know what that was, but Susan explained that many people would come over their house and have sex with each other. She told me that she, and her sister, were always sent to their rooms during these parties, but they had both hid many times and watched. She told me many stories about different events that she had witnessed, but that’s not important for now, except to say that Susan knew more about sex than I did.

While I listened to Susan’s tales of people sucking and fucking each other, while she and Jasmin secretly watched, and learned, my eyes kept falling to her crotch. Every time she shifted, crossed or uncrossed her legs, I was treated to another peek at the sexy flesh that hid the tight hole my finger had been in just a few minutes ago. Each time I looked, I smelled my fingers as inconspicuously as possible, each time, the aroma gave me a new thrill. I couldn’t help wonder, what my cock would feel like inside such a wonderful place. The more I listened, the more it became clear that there was much more than your average sibling rivalry between Jasmin and Susan. She really didn’t like her sister, or maybe, she hated that Jasmin was older, and got to do more than she did.

Finally, Susan said, “so, you want to fuck Jasmin, what about me, don’t you want to fuck me?” I said, “Susan, you’re only eleven!” She quickly reminded me that she turned twelve last week, and I hadn’t even wished her a happy birthday.

I inquired, “Susan, have you ever, have you, you know, with your dad?” With some shock, but more disappointment Susan told me, no, she had never, not with anyone, but she wanted to. I told her what I had seen, and asked if Jasmin and their dad, might have fucked that night after I had to get down from the attic. Again, with a look of disappointment, she told me that according to Jasmin, and her parents, they had not, but she knew they had, or at least she was pretty sure they had. I asked her why she thought that.

Susan went on: “It all started when I was seven, I got up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache. I went to get in bed with my parents, but when I got near their room I heard someone, so I approached slowly, and looked through the cracked door opening. Jasmin was in front of daddy, and she was licking the top of his cock. I saw mommy kneeling behind him, her face in his ass. and her hand cupping his giant hanging balls. I watched while mom licked up and down his ass crack, sucked his balls, and helping Jasmin take his cock into her mouth. I totally forgot my stomach and watched closely as my daddy stretched Jasmin’s mouth open with his dick. I found myself rubbing between my legs without realizing it, as daddy’s big balls disappeared into mother’s mouth. I had my first little orgasm watching white juice spill out of Jasmin’s mouth and run down over her tits, mommy’s greedy tongue licked it up. I was so jealous that it wasn’t me. Jasmin had bigger tits when she was ten than I have now, and she gets all the attention.”

I think I could have comforted my little deprived friend with a mouthful right then, but instead I prodded her on.

She continued, “I went back to bed that night and thought about everything I had seen, I wondered, what was that wonderful feeling I had between my legs, while touching myself. I tried for two days to make it happen again, but it just didn’t happen. I would get in bed with my parents and try to touch my daddy, but they would always tell me I was too young to be doing that. I have never seen Jasmin get fucked, but she gets to stay up later than me, and I’m sure they send me to bed so they can fuck!”

Like I said, clearly not normal sibling rivalry going on here. This was a girl who wanted to have her pussy executed by her father’s massive pole, because she thinks her sister gets to do it. I said, “Susan, what about the other day, I saw you help your mother blow your dad?” She said, “I know, they finally let me do that recently, I snuck into their room while my mom was sucking dad, I begged them to let me help, and I got my first taste of cum.”

I wanted more details here, but my mother was going to be home soon and I needed to get this plan settle before then. I asked again, “So, will you help me fuck your sister?”

Susan smirked with the thought of having power over her sister, but then said, “I don’t know about my sister, I think you’d have a better chance with my mother. My sister is such a bitch, but I’ll try. That is, as long as you do something for me. If I get you some, then you have to help me do what Jasmin was doing today. I can’t get that image out of my mind and I have to know what it feels like.”

I tried not to shit myself with excitement as I pictured Susan’s tiny hole being pulverized by Buster! I had to stay cool so she didn’t realize I would do that without anything from her. What an unbelievable stroke of luck. We formed a plan and right before my mother got home, I sent Susan out the back door with a quick rub on her ass. It truly was an exact replica of Jasmin’s, except in a smaller size.

Two nights later, the phone rang once, then stopped, then a minute later it did the same thing. My dick tingled because I knew that was my sign. “I’m going to Bobby’s house mom, see you later.” I went out the door and I waited across the street until Susan signaled me from her room. I ran over and climbed in her window. I was so excited about what might happen that I thought I might bust a nut in my pants before me and Susan even took action. I had resisted beating off for two days, despite the incredible afternoon with Susan, because I wanted to have a full load to empty in Jasmin. I hope that plan doesn’t back fire, or misfire I guess.

As we slipped into the TV room, I saw Jasmin on the couch watching TV. Susan looked at me with a nervous look, I knew what she was feeling, but we approached her sister anyway. I peered over her head from behind the couch. I could see her big dark nipples through her white shirt. Gravity seemed to have little effect on her tits, they only slightly hung to each side. Her firm, tan legs, stretched straight out in front of her. I scanned from her perfectly manicured toes, down her petite feet, up past the muscles on her calf’s, over the kneecaps to her glorious thighs. Her inner thighs were just slightly separated from each other, perfectly toned, they lead the way for my eyes straight up to the bottom of her shirt, which ended so close to her womanhood that I imagined if she stood, her pussy hair would peek out the bottom. I had to catch my breath for a second as my eyes fixated on what had to be the most erotic sight a boy my age could ever see. I knew right under the edge of that shirt was sure to be a pantie-less pussy, the very pussy I was expecting to get inside. My cock went completely stiff!

Jasmin jumped and pulled her shirt down before saying, “what are you doing in here? You know you can’t have anyone here when nobody is home.” Susan said, “well, you know you shouldn’t let Buster do those things to your pussy either!” Jasmin’s face changed quickly, she was silent while she tried to figure out what to say next. Susan spoke first, “don’t worry I will not tell on you, if you do something for me.” Jasmin, still looked like she was trying to figure out what we might know about her and the dog, but finally, she said, “what do I have to do for you?”

I’m not sure if Jasmin was more upset about the thought of having sex with a pitiful thirteen year old nerd, or that her little sister was holding something over her. I didn’t care, I just wanted to feel her nipples between my lips and her fuzzy pussy sliding down my dick. Susan thought she finally had the upper hand on her big sister, but we probably had underestimated Jasmin.

Jasmin said, “fine, but let’s go outside.” I smiled at Susan like we were victorious as Jasmin rose from the couch. Even after pulling her shirt down, it still didn’t completely cover her ass, I watched it sway as she headed for the back door. With each step a cheek winked at me, my knees grew weak as the reality of my plan was unfolding. I was terrified, what if I shot my load before I even got outside?

I didn’t know what I was going to do first, but Jasmin took care of that, she ordered me to get undressed. I stripped and stood there with my boner standing straight up against my stomach. Jasmin grabbed it, pulled me toward her with it, then sat me down on a chair. I was inches from her, my cock was at her face level, she lifted her shirt. First, her soft brown bush came into view, then her flat tummy, and finally, her incredible, round tits. I could have shot all over her face without warning, but I forced myself to calm down. I looked over nervously at Susan who was smiling with approval.

Jasmin said, “so you want to have sex with me? Alright, but you’re going to make it good for me too.” She switched places with me on the lounge chair, pushed me down and straddled my face. I was lying on my back, staring up into the pussy of the most worshiped girl in my school! Jasmin said, “you are going to have to eat me, to get me ready.” Then, she squatted down until her pussy was just about on my face. She said, “lick it, stick your tongue inside me.” I had never even thought about this, and had no idea what to do, but the smell took me back to my fingers, and the wonderful feeling in Susan’s hole. I closed my eyes and shoved my tongue out. Once it made contact with her flesh, like Buster, my animal instinct took over. I licked the length of her pussy, once, twice, then my tongue sank deep into the channel as she pressed onto my face. I pushed my tongue out as far as it would go, it easily found the deep hole that my finger could hardly locate on her sister.

Jasmin rode my face like I had seen her ride her hand on the picnic table, but suddenly I felt a wonderful sensation on my cock. Susan’s mouth opened over the tip, then her lips slid down my shaft. Wow, she took it all the way to the base, I could feel her throat around my cock head as she slurped loudly. Jasmin lifted up and looked back at Susan, and said, “look at you, you little cock sucker, you like sucking dick, don’t you.”

Still standing over me, Jasmin turned around. Watching her sister inhaling my dick, she lowered her ass towards my face. I stared as her heart shaped butt approached. The closer it got, the more it spread open, I was suddenly face-to-face with her asshole. My mouth had no choice except to eat out her tight little hole. It tasted good as my tongue pierced through the outer ring and sank deep into her shit hole. Up and down, Jasmin fucked my extended tongue in and out of her asshole. I couldn’t see because I had a face full of Jasmin’s ass, but I could hear and feel Susan slurping away at my cock. It felt wonderful, even better than I expected, I was sure I would be erupting inside Susan’s mouth before long.

With two fingers stuffed inside her pussy, Jasmin continued to force her ass onto my tongue. I felt her ass ring tighten repeatedly on my tongue as she reached a moaning orgasm. Then, she stood up so I could see down to Susan’s head eagerly working me towards what was sure to be a mouth filling cum load. Jasmin took Susan by the hair and pulled her head off my cock. Our eyes locked together in an intense stare. With her thumb in her well eaten asshole and two fingers spreading her pussy lips, Jasmin pushed her hips forward and started spraying her golden fluid over my stomach, down towards my cock and finally right onto Susan’s face. Piss was splashing off her face and running down onto my cock and over my balls. As her stream faded, the last trickles landed in my open mouth, I savored the taste of her salty treat.

Jasmin order her sister to finish sucking my piss covered cock, and told me to clean her cunt, as she went back to grinding her wet pussy on my tongue. Within two minutes my balls shot their stuff inside Susan’s throat. I knew Susan must have been swallowing ever drop of my sperm, because I didn’t feel one drop drip on to my stomach. Within a minute of emptying my nuts, Jasmin’s body convulsed with orgasm and she filled my mouth with the same fluid Susan had covered my fingers with the other day. It tasted so sweet.

Jasmin stood next to me looking down at her sister as she savored my ball juice. Jasmin said, “look at you, you little cum eater, did you like having cum fill your mouth? You might turn out okay after all.” Then she looked at me and said, “that’s an impressive dick for such a young boy, think you can get it up, and fuck me?” I was kind of upset at the young boy comment but took pride in the fact that she liked my dick. Susan’s mouth had felt incredible, but when her sister took me between her lips, it was unbelievable, she sucked me so seductively. Her lips slowly wrapping around the head, then went down the shaft. Once I was completely inside her mouth, she licked at my balls. She alternated between sucking my dick, sucking my balls, and occasionally, even poking her tongue in my asshole. I knew I would blow my load long before I got to fuck her if she didn’t stop. Luckily, Jasmin must have known this too, and she stopped sucking me.

Jasmin took a fat rubber band off her wrist and said, “this should help.” She stretched it over my dick, under my balls, then doubled it, and got it all the way around the base. My cock and balls started turning beet red, and my veins started bulging. My dick tingled and burned at the same time. She tucked her finger under the band and as she sucked she allowed blood to flow in. Then, snapped it back tight, so my cock was filled like never before.

Jasmin straddled me and said, “get ready to be fucked.” She rocked her hips so my purple cock slid through her wet pussy channel, then all at once she sat down, plunging my gorged rod into ecstasy. She sat on it and leaned back, sending it as deep as it would go. I could feel my balls trying to send their seed, but they were blocked, so my cock just jerked inside my goddess. She took my hands and planted them on her chest, and I quickly started fondling her round melons, pinching her erect nipples. As she lifted off my cock, her pussy tube sucked me hard, trying to pull my load from me, but still my purple dick just throbbed, veins bulging even more. Hum, she said as my cock disappeared once again. Slowly and methodically she rose and fell on my gorged meat. I thought it might burst open, it felt so swollen.

Suddenly, there was a new sensation. I looked around Jasmin to see Susan standing over Jasmin’s ass, holding her cunt open, and directing her hot stream into her sister’s ass crack. Hot piss ran over my balls as Jasmin’s flesh hole rode my cock. Jasmin said, “You nasty bitch, piss on my ass, fill my asshole with your hot pee.” While the pee was still flowing, she placed my cock head against her asshole and shoved me inside her. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I watched as my dick disappeared into her soaking wet asshole. I squeezed the hell out of her tits as she plunged my dick in and out of her super tight asshole. My balls jerked in pain, needing to shoot, I shouted, “I need to cum!”

Jasmin pulled me out of her ass and she stretched the rubber band away from the base of my balls. My cock shot a huge blast of cum straight up into Jasmin’s waiting mouth. When she closed it to swallow, my dick splatter her face, then again, and again. When she finally looked up at me, she had my balls juice allover her face!

There is nothing like teenage sex, but this was something I was going to remember forever. The three of us got into the pool to cool off and clean off. The sibling tension seemed to have eased tremendously, even though I know Susan was upset that she didn’t get to fuck.

As I was getting up to go home, I asked Jasmin, “What was that rubber band for?” She said, “Shit, it was to remind me to call Stacy, and I forgot.” I pictured her friend Stacy, who was equally as hot as Jasmin, maybe she would tell Stacy about tonight, maybe the three of us might? Well, you never know, who would have expected this.

If you already read this story and are looking for the old ending, I moved it to its proper place in the story. Read on. Sorry for any confusion.

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