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Life Of A Depraved Fuckpig


The long awaited and much requested Chapter 5 is finally here. Firstly, if you haven’t read any of the previous chapters I’d suggest you start with those as some things may seem a little stranger than they are anyway. Secondly, thanks to the hundreds of people who have emailed over the last year and a half in an attempt to get me to write this chapter. Thirdly, I’m afraid it probably isn’t what a lot of you had hoped for but, damn it, she’s my creation and I don’t want her to repeat the same scenarios again and again. If you’ve got a birth, young, vomit, scat, piss, pregnant, incest, gay or any nasty fetish then sit back, whip your cocks and cunts out, and have at it. If you don’t enjoy the above fetishes then I’m sorry, this isn’t the one for you.

Lisa was a slut. The air in the bedroom was so hot she could barely be bothered to turn her head when she awoke, but when she finally managed to look at the clock by the nightstand it told her it was nearly 5pm. The sun was still high in the sky and wouldn’t go down for at least another 4 hours, when the air would finally cool down a few degrees to a reasonable temperature. Over the month that Lisa had lived on her Uncle’s farm the temperature had been steadily growing, and her Uncle had said that it would keep getting hotter for a few weeks yet. The constant sun and heat meant that Lisa was now very deeply tanned and constantly covered in a thin veil of sweat, and her hair had become even blonder, being sun-bleached by countless hours of being fucked outdoors. As she rolled her naked body over in the coverless bed she saw her 9-month pregnant mother sitting in a rocking chair by the shaded window. She was holding Lisa’s month old baby to her huge, swollen tit, giving the fucktoy a rare meal of pure breast milk. Lisa began to rub her slimy 13 year old gash, thinking just how sexy her mommy looked with her big, fat udders sat on top of her massive, round belly and her own tiny Pukepig sucking on one of the thick nipples. As she watched, her mommy slowly drooled a mouthful of thick, white spit all over her left tit and Pukepig’s face, curled her lip and groaned nastily.

“Do my cunt, Lisa” mommy urged as she spread her thighs wide. Lisa slowly crawled from the bed and onto the dirty wooden floorboards before reaching her mommy’s bare feet. Down on her knees and elbows, with her gorgeous little whore ass stuck up in the air she began licking her mothers’ feet without lifting them up. Her mommy’s body was also covered in sweat so, as her mouth filled up, Lisa kept looking up and spitting at her baby fuckmeat and her mother’s huge stomach as she licked slowly up her legs towards her hairless cunt. Lisa began sucking her mother’s shapely thighs as she got higher and higher, and her mommy spread her legs even wider and she began pissing straight into the side of little fuckpig Lisa’s face. Lisa turned her angelic face into the stream of piss and opened her mouth, swallowing a couple of mouthfuls and letting the rest run down her face and body until she was knelt in a pool of it, which slowly began disappearing through the cracks in the floorboards.

As mommy’s flow of piss began to slow Lisa pushed her head forward, soaking her hair in mommy piss. She then stood up and, whilst spitting, rung her piss drenched hair out over her mommy’s tits and the month old baby sextoy. The look of it running over her tanned mommy’s curves and her own baby fuelled the lust in Lisa’s dripping gash and she got back on her knees and began nastily lapping up the piss as it ran over her mommy’s huge belly. “Please baby, do my fucking cunt!” mommy begged Lisa again. Lisa slapped her mother’s massive stomach and grabbed her free udder, squeezing hard enough to send milk shooting out of her nipple and onto the bed behind her.

“I’ll suck your fucking nasty babyhole when I’m ready, you pregnant cunt” Lisa hissed at her mommy. The nasty talk from her tiny daughter and feeling the pain in her huge tit as it was squeezed so hard made mommy’s clit throb harder and more piss drooled from her sloppy hole. Lisa dove down to get her face covered and to drink some of it down. Looking up through the clear piss, Lisa saw her mommy thrashing around, cumming hard, and Lisa realised that she had let go of her mommy’s tit and was squeezing her clit between her small fingers.

The piss kept on coming and cumming and Lisa’s entire body was drenched from her hair down to her feet – it was even running around and dripping off of her perfect small ass. Baby Pukepig was dropped to the floor, gurgling and laughing as it was also drenched in the torrent of piss that was flooding the floor. “Oh, fucking hell you filthy fucking cunt, are you ever going to stop pissing?” Lisa gargled at her sexy mommy. “You stupid little fuckpig, my water’s breaking, and I can’t stop cumming either”. “But this didn’t happen to me” Lisa said as the fluid stopped gushing out of her mommy. “It’s not always the same, you stupid little bitch. Yours came out slowly, just before the fucktoy, whereas mine has gushed out. Must be because you were teasing me, you fuckpig whore. Now go get your grandmother and aunt and anyone else who wants to fuck me whilst I’m giving birth”.

Lisa stood up and immediately felt the heat drying the amniotic fluid and piss all over her naked body. “Feels so fucking nasty” Lisa thought as she fingered her cunt while heading down the first of the two flights of stairs. After checking the main reception room and finding nobody there, Lisa headed outside, the sun burning the remaining wetness onto her skin. After slipping on a pair of the only footwear she owned at the house, a pair of black fuck me heels with a 4-inch platform and 6-inch heel, the 4’8” fuckpig tottered from the dusty porch and climbed up to the barn entrance, where she saw Uncle John stood alone, sweaty and naked on the walkway stroking his huge cock. “Hey, fucker, where’s Julie and Lucy” Lisa asked. “I don’t know, but come and look at this” he replied, nodding towards the sluts below. “Well, I shouldn’t really, my mo….oooooooh, that looks nice” Lisa drooled, temporarily forgetting about her mommy’s condition as she looked down at a gorgeous, blonde 18 year old pushing a baby’s legs up a big titted 10 year olds cunt and asshole.

The 10 year old was also being pissed on by a dozen or more of the other girls and women, with one woman in her 40’s shitting in her mouth. As she took the baby’s limbs up her fuckholes the large breasted young girl munched on the shit like it was a delicious chocolate bar, and the nasty shitting woman turned around and, with ease, vomited in her pretty little face and shit filled mouth. “Happy birthday, baby” the woman said to her 10 year old daughter as she writhed around on the floor, having the nastiest and hardest cum of her young, fuck obsessed life. As Lisa watched the little girl eat the shit and vomit as a baby was push inside her, Uncle John grabbed her and fucked her hard from behind.

Lisa was suddenly very hungry for a nasty meal of shit and vomit with a bladder full of piss to wash it down with. She also wanted to have her holes filled by baby or cock meat as she ate, but suddenly remembered her mother who was going into labour. “I gotta go, you donkey-dicked baby-fucker” Lisa grunted as she regrettably pulled off her Uncle’s huge fuckstick. “Grrr, at least throw me a fucking toddler to cum in” said the lazy cunt hound as he sat back on the walkway. Lisa quickly grumbled under her breath and hurried down into the pit of the barn, bringing back a cute 2 year old slut with her. Uncle grabbed the tiny fuckdoll and pulled it’s little cunt down on his monster cock. As Lisa walked out of the barn, Uncle pulled the little girl up and down on his throbbing meat before cumming in her a minute or so later. When John had finished draining himself inside the little girl he stood up and threw her down into the pit of writhing fuckwhores below, watching them catch her and fighting over who got to suck his cum from her small-but-stretched babypussy. Just then Lisa stuck her head back around the door and shouted “By the way, my Mommy’s about to birth us a new dildo with arms and legs. She’s in my bedroom”. “About fucking time. I been wanting to fuck that whore of a mother o’ yours in the ass while the baby’s been coming out since she got here” John replied, but Lisa had already gone

Lisa found her Grandmother and her Aunt Lucy in the shaded dusty dirt at the back of the large house. Lucy, who was pregnant by John, her brother, had now grown even bigger titted and bellied than Lisa’s mother and was on her knees and elbows, belly and pierced nipples dragging in the dirt. In front of her was one of the farms several dogs, on its back getting its cock sucked by the sexy pregnant human cumbag. Behind her was Lisa’s Grandmother who was fisting her daughter so deep she thought she could feel the baby inside her. “Fuck, I think I can feel the little cunt rubbing off on my fingers”. Lucy’s reply was a gag on the dogs big cock in her mouth. Lucy’s 10 month old baby was sucking on its Grandmother’s huge fake tits, nipple rings et al. When Lucy pulled off the dog cock she grunted and groaned as she came on her mother’s arm. “Fucking dog. Cum in my throat already – my baby’s hungry for its supper”.

Lisa had again forgotten about her mother as she stood in the shade idly jilling her cunt as she watched her depraved family members act as nastily as she’d come to expect. “Oh fuck” Lisa choked out. “Um, everyone keeps putting me off with their filthy fucking, but my Mommy’s gone into labour. A new piece of fuckmeat is coming!” she garbled out excitedly to her debauched elders. Grandmother withdrew her arm from the cow that was her daughter and said “Lovely. A new piece of meat to pleasure ourselves on. I do love fucking newborns up my cunt”. It was at that point that the dog Lucy was sucking came in torrents down her throat, feeding the unborn cumrag inside her. When she’d finished licking the excess doggy cum up from the dogs cock and balls, she hauled her hugely knocked-up body from the ground. “Fucking come on then, we’d better get up there before the pig comes out. Traditions must be kept” Aunt Lucy said, a small amount of dog cum running down her chin and onto her babyslut that she was now carrying on her huge bump. “I’d better find my Daddy, he can’t miss his own fucktoy’s birth!” Lisa said as the other two cunts walked into the house through the back door.

Lisa found her father a few minutes later with Laz. They’d been out trying to fix a fence but hadn’t gotten very far before their usual horniness had taken over, which is why the whole property was such a rundown dump. Laz was behind Daddy, stroking his hard cock in and out of his ass. “Fuck yeah, I haven’t had my ass fucked like this since John used to do me when we were kids” Daddy growled as Laz’s thick cock stretched his shithole. “Daddy!” Lisa cried out. “Hey baby, come here and fuck my cock with your throat as Laz buggers me” he begged. Lisa once again forgot her mission and dove down on her bent over father’s fuckstick. “Don’t forget my shitty cock, fuckpig” Laz chimed in, pulling his cock out of her fathers ass and ramming it deep into Lisa’s face between her fathers’ thighs. Laz soon went back to fucking the older man’s ass as Lisa worked her throat hard on her Daddy’s cock, gagging and retching on it as she went. As Laz started to cum in Daddy’s shit chute, Daddy started to cum in Lisa’s facecunt. “Fucking have it, you queer cunt” shouted Laz as he came in the man’s asshole. When Lisa had sucked all of her Daddy’s cum into her belly she put her face under his ass as Laz withdrew his cock. She caught the cum that leaked out of his shithole in her mouth and proceeded to tongue the rest of the shit flavoured cum out of his dirty ass. When she had sucked all of it down she cleaned off Laz’s cock before once again finally remembering why she was there.

“Fuck! I came out here to tell you that Mommy’s having your babycunt. We’d better hurry, it must have been half an hour since I left her”. The three rushed back to the house and up to the bedroom. When they arrived they saw Mommy sat on Uncle John’s cock, taking his fat 10-inches deep into her bowels. Grandmother was licking all around her dilated gash and Lucy was spitting on and slapping the labour-stricken sister-in-laws face as she verbally abused her. Lisa got down on her knees and joined her Grandmother in licking the stretched pregnant pussy. Daddy went to his wife’s face and and thrust his re-hardened cock straight into her groaning throat. “Mmm, my beautiful wife, you’re so big, you look so fucking good” Daddy drooled as he pulled out again. “Fucking grab my cunt and pull me open. Pull the little whore out of me” screamed a lust-filled Mommy as another contraction ripped through her. Lisa and her Grandmother grabbed a cunt lip each and pulled almost as hard as they could on Mommy’s babyhole until the whole of the baby’s head could be seen inside her. Lisa used her free hand and reached inside her mother’s massive, nasty hole and stroked her baby sisters head.

“Hang on!” shouted Daddy, “I want to fuck her cunt as the baby is coming out. I want to feel my dick rubbing and banging the baby’s head before it comes into the world”. Laz jumped in: “Me too!”. “Fuck, me three. I’m gonna cum on the unborn little bitch” snarled Uncle John. They lifted Mommy off of Uncle John’s cock and placed the shitty piece of meat inside the huge cunt of Mommy and sat her back down on him again. Next, Laz got between their legs on his knees and slid his cock on top of John’s, before Daddy clambered on top of his wife and squatted down until his cock joined the other two in her massively gaping breeding hole. All three pushed together and felt their cocks bump into the birthing baby’s head. Mommy looked like she was about to pass out through pain and pleasure and sweat was pouring out of every pore on her body – she was so very hot, but the constant spit on her face and in her mouth that her sister-in-law was providing just about kept her cool and hydrated enough. Eventually, Mommy lost complete control and shit poured from her ass all over John’s stomach. The three fuckers all pounded their dicks into Mommy and the child’s head for around a minute before the sensation of their gooey, shitty cocks sliding against each other inside a massive birthing pussy and smacking them into a soon to be born baby became too much, all three thick, juicy cocks pumping what seemed like a gallon of cum each all over the head of the unborn baby.

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Daddy and Laz pulled their dicks out of the huge gash but John kept his in as the baby was finally pushed out, born into the world with shit streaks and cum all over her tiny head. Daddy cut the cord and Lucy grabbed the newborn fuckmeat from him. “Time for my favourite bit – the family tradition” the heavily pregnant skank spat. “What’s the tradition?” asked Daddy. John explained “We only started it a few months ago so it’s not much of a tradition yet! But whenever a new little piece of cuntmeat is born we all have to do as much vile stuff to it within 10 minutes of it being born to make sure she turns out as nasty, sick and debauched as the rest of us. Lucy came up with the idea…no, I didn’t think that would surprise you!”. Daddy and Lisa very much approved of the idea, especially when they saw Lucy put the newborn on the floor and both she and her mother stick their fingers down their throats. Within seconds both women were choking up vomit all over the tiny baby, and seconds later Lisa had joined in the fun. Daddy also couldn’t resist puking on his daughter and before long the baby had virtually disappeared in the puddle of vomit. John moved closer and scooped some of Mommy’s shit from his stomach onto his fingers and slowly eased them, and some puke, inside the newborns miniscule snatch. As Mommy was sprawled out on the floor trying to recover her senses but failing, the others decided it would be fun to all take a shit on the floor and make a big pile out of it.

John was the last to squat and shit on the pile before the newborn was placed firmly on top of the stinking heap of waste. Vomit was scooped from the floor and poured upon the baby before Lisa picked her own tiny baby up and also put it into the shitheap. Lucy followed suit with her baby and all 3 baby fucktoys were stuck in the pile of poo. Lisa grabbed some shit and stuffed as much inside her baby’s pussy as she could before sucking it out again. Lisa, being even more of a depraved fuckpig than the other cunts in her family, couldn’t help herself and pushed her face into the pile of shit and took a big mouthful and chewed it until she could swallow it all down. She fisted her cunt and ass at the same time as the babies began to get pissed on by all the other males and females in the room. “Hmm, we can’t let the mother of this dirty baby shitpig go without having some fun before the 10 minutes are up” Lucy said. She and her mother grabbed Mommy under each arm and pulled her semi-conscious body to the babies in the pile of wet pissy, pukey shit and put her on her knees. While Grandmother held Mommy up Lucy opened Mommy’s mouth and jammed her hand into her throat. After a few attempts and getting nothing but drool Lucy finally got what she was after as Mommy vomited heavily all over the three babies, drenching the already filthy fucktoys in thick puke. Lucy didn’t let up though and kept jamming her fingers down the woman’s throat until she was empty. Lucy had already ducked her own head under her sister-in-laws though and fed her own unborn baby a nice mouthful of thick, chewy vomit.

“Fucking hell” exclaimed Laz. “I’m up to my elbow in her!”. Everyone turned to see Laz behind Mommy with his forearm right up inside her, with more than just his hand and wrist inside the sluts womb. “It feels so weird inside her guts” he moaned, beating his cock with his other hand as he lay behind her. “I wanna feel!” Lisa squealed. Lisa easily got her small arm inside her Mommy and her hand into her womb. “Fuck. This is awesome” the fuckpig announced. Everybody else had a feel of the inside of Mommy’s womb, and all with shit and puke on their hands, before Daddy insisted they leave her alone to recover. Grandmother helped Mommy away and helped her clean her insides up.

The three shit, puke and piss covered babies were taken out of the pile of bodily waste and Lucy and Lisa decided to eat as much as they could. Lisa fisted herself into a frenzy as she ate the extreme filth and watched Lucy feed her unborn child the disgusting mixture. “This little cunt is coming out addicted” Lucy said, and then spat a brown mouthful of saliva onto her huge belly. The babies had been picked up by the three horny men and Daddy was rubbing his cock all over his newest fucktoy. Laz had Lisa’s Pukepig and John had Lucy’s little cumrag. The three men took their time rubbing their cocks all over the pieces of fuckmeat before spearing their fat shafts into the babies ultra tight cunts. “There’s no feeling like newborn cunt, is there brother?” John asked his younger sibling. “There sure isn’t – I think it’s about time we got Lisa breeding us even more tiny pussy”. “Fuck yeah!” Laz and Uncle John agreed loudly. Lisa just smiled a literal shit-eating grin.

For what she and the others didn’t know was that Lisa already was pregnant again.

With triplets…

The End (?)

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