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Daddy’s Two Little Girls

It is a work of fiction, all events, characters and names are not based on real life they are entirely fictional, any resemblance to actual characters or events is entirely coincidental, if you do not like this kind of story do not read it. A story about a power mad father training his young daughters.

His oldest daughter is 12 and youngest 9 both very cute girls, thin. He’s an older man, lighter shade of dark skin than his daughters who have the darker skin. It was a day like any other day, his daughters submitting to him completely.

The little girls skill fully lick and suck on their father’s cock as if they had done it a million times, while their father says such things as, “That’s it ummm.” And, “Suck daddy er cock.”

The little girls even smile act cheerful as they are forced to orally pleasure their father.

Both girls very well trained so as the days activities got more perverse they could enjoy it all just for the attention they were getting from their god-like father.

Daddy puts both his girls in leather harnesses so both girls could not move their arms from behind their backs.

As he gags his daughters a cuckold elderly white man walks into the room and soon undresses, his gigantic cock scares both girls and they both cry.

Daddy shocks his daughter each with a cattle prod and they scream into their gags and then he takes the gags off them.

The girls continue to suck their dad’s dick.

The mature man with massive erection stands next to daddy and offers his family cock to the youngest sister.

She reluctantly licks up and down and all over the scary monster of a cock.

Both men pee all over the helpless beauties and they do their best to drink it.

“Err ummmmmm you both kiss now, you both are going to be taught what it means to be daddy errrr good sex slaves.”

The men as if in competition begin forcing done a little girl each and attempting to force their wet erections into tiny cunts.

The older young girl feels and enjoys the feeling of her dad ripping her apart.

As daddy fucks his little girl for the first time, thrusting in and out of her hairless slit she moans and the other man did not have as good luck so far.

1 girl feels for the first time her pussy being filled completely by cock she finally says, “Ohhhhh my god, oh you’re so powerful and everyone loves you father!”

Other man still was not having luck getting even the tip into the child, he begins fingering her adding more and more fingers fucking her with them and trying to get her tiny slit ruined.

After a few hours of daddy fucking his daughter and cumming in her once the mature man begins fucking the tiny cunt with cock, first an inch, then soon another before he is pounding her unconscious body.

It was a game neither men really knew who won, but as the older man fills her cunt full of a massive load of spunk they decide to switch now fucking each girls ass.

The smallest daughter being obscenely and cruelly pummeled by her father’s cock forcing the cum from the other older man to squish and leak out.

Both girls moaning and screaming as best they can manage with large men between their crushed thighs.

After about a half hour both men while pummel fucking the youngsters cum again.

In not any condition to do much of anything the girls wait for their father to speak which he begins to say with, “Lick the cum out of each other’s holes made for my cock to be in.”

As he guides his youngest daughter into 69 position with her mouth kissing her sister between the legs while he sister lifts her head up to begin kissing and licking her younger sister’s “hole made for her father’s cock to be in.”

The older light skinned man straddles the younger sister who is occupied with completing her father’s request and he forces his cock into her anus excruciatingly slow.

The 12-year-old sister under her younger 9-year-old sister begins rapid-fire fashion orgasms from her little sister’s tiny tongue lapping skills.

As the screams and orgasms die down a little the girl’s father separates the sister’s abruptly, making the older sister ride his cock with it in her ass while the little child is brutally ass raped by the stranger.

After both cumming in tiny rectums the men both enjoy getting head from the children.

The sister’s compete to see who can deepthroat more intensely, who could be the most obscenely loud and who is more fast with the up and down movement.

The older sister winner as the light skinned man’s cock is too big to be able to move head up and down very quickly.

The older man begins to whip the child’s backside whipping open the skin in lines across her behind and back.

Daddy deposits a load of his spunk down his daughter’s neck holding her head down.

After he came again Daddy feels sleepy and curls up to rest holding his little girl like a toy to his chest.

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After hours of being brutally raped by the old man the younger of the sister’s feels like she is being broken, her fuck holes and body all intensely sore.

Daddy comes to just as his baby-girl is sprayed in her face with several spurts of semen, “Errrrrrr ummmmmm you’re my errrr bitches.”

He forces his eldest daughter to spread like a pretty little x.

Daddy tattoos on the inside of his daughter’s pussy on the left side as perfect a o as possible marking her as his forever and also making her scream out in severe pain.

The same tattoo is forced upon the younger sister’s pinkish inside same place as her sister a permanent marking to always show who her master is to anyone who will look inside her cunt in the future.

She passes out from the torturous tattoo leaving her older sister conscious to take care of the needy adults.

Thoughts she continually dismisses from her mind, thoughts of her sister and how if she didn’t have her she would not be able to go on living.

So as the older man leaves she feels as her father grabs her arm forcing her to sit facing him.

“Errrr come on now, ride my cock you bitch!” He rarely ever raised his voice. “That’s it ummmmm, you know just how to take good care of me baby, you and your sister are both my little sluts!”

The added pain terrible as it may be she still manages to ride her father’s cock well undulating, rotating hips in circles and bouncing up and down.

Unable to hold it she urinates while climaxing as her father cums inside her tight little vagina.

Daddy pulls her off shouting, “You ummmmm pissed on me!”

He picks her up flips her body around so her mouth is forced down with her body above her and she tastes as pee floods her mouth.

Humiliated she drinks it all down only a little leaks out and she is forced to lick up all the pee and swallow it.

Daddy lifts he up so he can kiss her soft adorable lips, molesting her every inch with his hands feeling the body of a soon to be blossoming young woman.

The disgusting words of her father sound in her ears, “Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ummmmmmmmmmmmm, give me a son bitch so I don’t have to fuck my bitch wife.”

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